Why do I get an ‘Unsupported Protocol’ error when trying to open a server created in another app?

In Transmit 5 we have introduced a number of new server types/protocols that are not yet supported in Transmit for iOS, Coda 2, and Code Editor.

When an unsupported server type is synced from Transmit 5 to another app via Panic Sync, the server will be displayed in an inactive grayed-out state. If selected, these servers show an alert explaining that the protocol is not supported at this time.

Can I hide unsupported servers from being shown?

No, at this time it is not possible to prevent unsupported servers from being displayed.

If I delete an unsupported server on one device will it be removed from other devices as well?

Yes. If you are signed into a Panic Sync account, removing a server from one device will also remove it from all other connected devices.

All information for these servers is stored on unsupported devices even though the Apps may not currently support the connection types.

When are the other Panic apps going to support the new server types introduced in Transmit 5?

This is currently being considered but we do not have a timeline to share at this time.