Will Mosh ever be supported?

Mosh is great, and we’d totally love to include it in a future release. Unfortunately there are some complications around Mosh — it’s licensed under GPL, which is great in terms of sharing code with the world, but it’s incompatible with the App Store.

In other words, it’s not as cut-and-dried as we’d like, but it is something we’re continually looking into.

If this this important to you please contact the MOSH developers and let them know you’d like the client library’s licensed changed to something less restrictive.

But doesn’t the Mosh project have an iOS Waiver?

The current exception is only applicable for apps that have their source code publicly available. Prompt contains code share by our other apps that we’re not prepared to commit to the public domain, so it does not meet the requirements for this exception.

What are my other options?

Two popular applications that allow remote sessions to stay active after a disconnection are Screen and Tmux, we recommend them.