New Features

  • Split-screen multitasking
  • iPad Pro support
  • Open multiple connections to the same favorite server with ease
  • Tabs: Quickly and easily navigate between open sessions on both iPhone and iPad
  • 3D Touch: Instantly connect to your three most recent servers by 3D Touching the Prompt home screen icon
  • Spotlight Search: Search for Prompt favorites, then open a new connection with just one tap
  • Our new accessory keys palette gives you instant access to every key you need to send commands with ease
  • Terminal: Choose from four different fonts
  • Improved SSH key management: Passphrases are now associated directly with keys themselves. No more entering passphrases for every server!
  • Themes: Mix-and-match app themes and terminal themes. Light, Dark or both at the same time — it’s up to you!


  • Improved iPhone 6+ support with better layout in landscape
  • ECDSA is now supported for both server and client authentication (256, 384 and 521 bits)
  • Quickly access all active sessions from the Servers list on iPhone, just a tap away
  • Generate 256-, 384- and 521-bit ECDSA keys right in Prompt
  • Prompt is now more colorful!

Note: Prompt 2.5 requires iOS 9.0+.

Key support

Pre-existing keys are automatically migrated when upgrading from Prompt 2.0 to 2.5.

Prompt now supports ECDSA keys for both client and server authentication. In order to match the key preferences of OpenSSH, ECDSA keys will be preferred in the host key exchange. Read more about supported keys and exchange methods.

Note: Since an RSA or DSA key was used for server authentication in the past, users will be prompted to accept the new ECDSA host key fingerprint in Prompt 2.5.

Passphrases are now associated with keys. Passphrases for ssh keys were previously stored as part of the server information. To update or enter the passphrase for a key, go to Settings -> Keys and select the key you’d like to edit.

Prompt can now generate ECDSA keys from within the Keys section of the Settings. Generation of DSA keys has been removed for security reasons. DSA keys continue to be supported for authentication and can be imported if necessary.

Key passphrases are no longer synced with Panic Sync. They are still stored in your iOS keychain (and, as such, will be included in an encrypted backup of your device).

Agent Forwarding

Now that passphrases are stored on a per-key basis, configuration for Agent Forwarding has been streamlined. Previously, if you wanted to log into server A via server B, you had to add both servers (with the passphrase and key) to your favorites list.

This workflow has been improved and now you just need server B in your favorites. (The key and associated passphrase that will be used must be added in Settings -> Keys so it can be added to the agent.)