• Fix a threading crash that can occur for some users on load screens.
  • Fix a framerate drop when examining most objects.
  • Display version number on the settings screen (currently 1.09)
  • [Windows] Native support for Dualshock 4 controllers on Windows.


  • Better performance and threading on all platforms.
  • Japanese language subtitles have been added.
  • Miscellaneous fixes for all subtitle languages.


  • Fixed issue where the mouse cursor would flicker or, on some OpenGL machines, would cause the mouselook to break entirely when loading a game.
  • Removed unintended dialog from Free Roam.
  • The “Bee Plot” achievement can now be unlocked in any mode or any day when you are stung by a bee.


  • Free Roam Mode added
  • Fixed issue where latest drivers for Xbox One controllers on Windows 10 had non-functional DPad input


  • Fixed issue where some Macs without a dedicated GPU were crashing at the end of the intro.


  • Fixed issue where some users would be unable to interact with the radio or Delilah at the start of days
  • Addressed several places where users could become stuck in world geometry
  • Optimizations to SSAO
  • Fixed broken lighting in Intro
  • UI textures have been redone to better support resolutions above 1080p
  • Fixed crash that could occur when venturing to the top of Bear Tooth Point in Audio Tour


Windows & Linux

  • Added a new game mode: The Firewatch Audio Tour.
  • Added ““Minimum HUD”” mode, hides reticule and tooltips.
  • Fixed a handful of bugs where player could fall through the world.
  • Upgraded the engine from Unity 5.2 to Unity 5.4 for a multitude of performance and multi-platform benefits.
  • Miscellaneous world art improvements and bug fixes.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.


  • All fixes from Windows & Mac
  • Addressed issue where some macs would boot to an entirely black screen but would still play audio.
  • Added Windowed Mode support.
  • The OpenGL renderer now uses multi-threading which should bring a significant speed boost especially on dedicated GPUs.

This article was last updated on December 12, 2018