There are a few common causes for this issue, do what you can to make sure these are not true for you:

  • You are running the game with out of date hardware or drivers that doesn’t support full DX11 features on Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • You are attempting to run the game on an integrated graphics card
  • You are attempting to run the game with less than 6GB of RAM
  • You are running the game with very little space (< 2GB) available on your OS hard drive (typically C:\ on Windows)
  • Your anti-virus or similar program is for some reason protecting writing and reading from the game’s save folders (on Windows this is in %APP_DATA% on your OS drive, the only platform where we’ve seen this issue).
  • Next you should ensure that you have installed the latest graphics drivers for your computer.

If playing on Steam, run Verify Integrity of Game Cache on Firewatch.

If you are still experiencing crashes, it can often help for you to send us your machine’s specs and a log file that we can use to categorize your issue. Please attach this file to your support email when contacting us as it can greatly help speed up a diagnosis.

For Windows: In the steam browser, go to the game installation directory.

  • Right click on Firewatch and select Properties
  • On the Local Files tab, select Browse Local Files… the log file is located in Firewatch\Firewatch_Data\output_log.txt

This article was last updated on December 5, 2018