Nova provides lightning-fast keyboard access to many of its features via command palettes.

Open Quickly

Press Shift-Command-O to search filenames and symbols in your current local project using the Open Quickly palette:

command palette example

Command Palette

Press Shift-Command-P to open the Command Palette, where you can perform actions as quickly as you can type them. For example, to reveal the current document in the Files sidebar:

command palette example 2

Or, to create a new file in a deeply nested folder without reaching for your mouse or trackpad:

When creating a new file, Nova will automatically create any intermediate folders necessary.

command palette example 3

Many commands are available from the palette, including:

  • Clone a Git repository
  • Switch to a different syntax
  • Open a new terminal
  • Split the current editor pane
  • Toggle line wrapping
  • …and lots more!

If you don’t like the keyboard shortcuts for opening palettes, you can customize them by choosing Settings > Key Bindings.

This article was last updated on October 27, 2022