The Symbols sidebar identifies key sections in your document and allows you to jump straight to them with a single click.

You can choose if Nova displays Symbols in a hierarchical or flat structure by clicking the desired layout at the top of the sidebar.

Symbols sidebar

Examples of symbols that will be shown in the sidebar include:

  • <div> ids in HTML documents
  • CSS selectors
  • Function and class names in PHP and JavaScript documents
  • Bookmarks (specially formatted comments, see below)

The Symbols sidebar updates automatically as you work in the editor.

Placing Bookmarks

Nova will recognize comments formatted a certain way as “bookmarks” in supported programming languages. Generally, the format is a comment with a leading exclamation point.

Here’s an example in HTML:

html bookmark w/ sidebar

In CSS and JavaScript, bookmarks look like this:

  • /* !CSS bookmark */
  • /* !JavaScript bookmark */

Other languages support bookmarks as well.

This article was last updated on July 1, 2020