Clips for iOS/iPadOS

Do you have text snippets you need to access regularly when working with a specific server?
Save them for future use with Prompt’s clips feature. 😌

Clips can also be shared across your Mac and iOS devices via Panic Sync!

Create and Edit Clips

To view and manage your Clips in Prompt:

Tap on the gear icon in the top-right. Then, tap on Clips in Settings.

Accessing the Clips section of Settings.

New Clip

From the Clips section of the Settings select a Clip Group, then tap the New Clip button to create a Clip.

To edit an existing clip tap the Edit button, followed by the clip you want to edit.

Global and Server Specific Clip Groups

Clips by default are Global, and always visible.
You can also create Server Specific Clip Groups that will only be visible when connected a specific Server.

Creating a new Clip in the Global Group.