Prompts main window and sidebar Clips

Do you have text snippets you need to access regularly when working with a specific server?
Save them for future use with Prompt’s clips feature. 😌

Clips can also be shared across your Mac and iOS devices via Panic Sync!

Clips Sidebar

Click on the asterisk icon at the top of the sidebar to view Clips: Accessing Clips from the Sidebar.

Global Clips

When there is no connection to a server, Clips will only show the Global Clips.

Server Specific Clip Groups

After connecting to a server, you will see both the Global Clips and the Server Specific Clip Groups for the server you have connected to. This group is only visible when an active connection to the Server is present.

Adding a new Clip

To add a new Clip:
Click the plus button on the bottom-left of the Clips sidebar > choose New Clip.

By default, when you create a new clip, it gets created in the “Global Clips” group. Clips within this group can be accessed by all local and remote connections.

Creating a new Clip from the Sidebar.

Organize your Clips with Clip Groups

Click the plus button on the bottom-left of the Clips sidebar > choose New Clip Group.

The Sidebar showing the Clips view.

Here’s a group I added to store things I’ll never commit to memory.

Editing Clips and Groups

To edit a Clip or Group from the Sidebar or the Clips Editor:

  1. ✏️ Select a Clip or a Group folder then click the Pencil icon in the bottom-left of the window
  2. Right-click on any clip or Group folder and choose Edit
Editing an existing Clip from the Sidebar.

Clips Editor

You can also can create and edit both Global Clips and Server Specific Clip Groups from the Clips Editor.

From the Menu Bar, choose Clips > Show Clips Editor:

Creating a Clip from the Clips Editor window.