macOS Finder icon Settings

Prompt can be customized to best suit your specific needs.

From the menu bar, click on Prompt > Settings, then click the desired tab at the top of the window.

The General pane of Prompt's settings window.


New tabs open

Sets the new default tab type to Server List or Local Terminal.

Local terminals open

Choose if new local terminal windows open to the default working directory, or the same working directory as the last opened tab.

Open Quickly in

New in Prompt 3.0.3!

Choose if Open Quickly will open a connection in a New Tab or you can now choose a New Window.


Enable or disable SSH debug logging for remote terminal connections.


Restores previously open windows and tabs when opening Prompt, independently of the system setting.

Send crash reports

Enables the ability to send crash reports to Panic for the purposes of improving Prompt.

Send anonymous usage statistics

When enabled, anonymous usage statistics will be sent to Panic for the purposes of improving Prompt.

Check for important announcements

Allows Panic to alert you about significant app updates, or issues that could impact functionality.

Learn more about privacy in Prompt


The Terminal pane of Prompt's settings window.

Terminal Type

Choose the terminal type that will be used for remote and local sessions.

Local Shell

Specify the default shell used for local terminal sessions.

Use Option as Meta key

When enabled, the option key will send the meta command in the terminal.

Allow Clipboard Writing

Enable/disables clipboard writing in the terminal.

Detect URLs

Enables/disables URL detection in the terminal.

Detect Files

Enables/disables file name detection in the terminal.

Show Activity Indicator

Enables/disables the terminal tab activity indicator.

Prompt before closing remote terminals

When enabled, a confirmation alert will be displayed when closing a remote terminal.

Close local terminals when they exit

When enabled, local terminal windows will automatically close when they exit.

Use GPU acceleration

Enables/disables GPU acceleration in the terminal.

When closing local terminals

Choose under which circumstances a confirmation alert will be shown when closing a local terminal.


The Display pane of Prompt's settings window.

Icon Style

Specify if server icons are displayed using the “Purple” or “Classic” style.


Choose the font family, style, and size – or toggle font smoothing.

New Window Size

Sets the default dimensions of new windows, or have new windows inherit the previous size automatically.


Sets the vertical and horizontal spacing for your local and remote terminals.


Sets the padding for local and remote terminal windows.

Beep Style

Configure the Terminal beep to use auditory feedback, visual feedback, or a combination of the two.


Choose which items are displayed in the window title for the current terminal session.

  • Working Directory
  • Shell Name
  • Active Process Name
  • Arguments
  • TTY Name
  • Dimensions

All items may not be available when using a remote terminal as they are dependant on your server configuration.


Enables activity indicators for backgrounded tabs.


The Sync pane of Prompt's settings window.

Running Prompt on multiple Mac and iOS devices?

Panic Sync is the most secure and easy way to keep your servers, clips, passwords, and private keys
updated across your Mac and iOS devices automatically.

Learn more about Panic Sync


The Themes pane of Prompt's settings window.

Window Theme

Choose if the Prompt window uses the same theme as the terminal, or an alternate theme of your choice.

Terminal Theme

Select a default terminal theme from the included options, or create and customize a new theme.

Prompt 3 comes with the following included themes:

  • Example color swatch for Dark theme. Dark
  • Example color swatch for Fairy Floss theme. Fairyfloss
  • Example color swatch for Light theme. Light
  • Example color swatch for Neon theme. Neon
  • Example color swatch for Panic Palette theme. Panic Palette
  • Example color swatch for Playdate theme. Playdate
  • Example color swatch for Solarized Dark theme. Solarized Dark
  • Example color swatch for Solarized Light theme. Solarized Light

Dock Icon

Choose which icon will be displayed in the Dock and App Switcher when Prompt is running.

Prompt icon: Dynamic Prompt icon: Light Prompt icon: Dark Prompt icon: Classic

Changing the icon shown in Finder is unsupported at this time due to App Store restrictions.

Learn more about Themes


Create or modify the keyboard shortcuts Prompt sends when the terminal is focused.

The Keyboard pane of Prompt's settings window.

To add a new shortcut, click the at the bottom of the window. To edit an existing shortcut, select the shortcut you would like to edit, then click the pencil icon.


Create or import SSH keys for connecting to remote Servers. Share them between your devices with Panic Sync.

The Keys pane of Prompt's settings window.

To create or import a new key into the “Syncable SSH Keys” section, click the at the bottom of the window.

Remote SSH connections will also use default keys stored in ~/.ssh and ~/.ssh/config. Keys stored in these locations will not be synced with Panic Sync.

Secure Enclave

On supported Mac models, Prompt can store a single key in your Mac’s Secure Enclave. This key cannot be copied from your Mac and cannot be synced using Panic Sync.

Learn more about keys