Importing and Exporting Servers in Prompt 3

We’ve made it easier than ever to import existing Server information, or export your Servers for backup or transfer.

  • To import or export Servers on iOS, open Settings, scroll down, then tap the desired option.
  • Import and export on macOS using the Servers menu, the Servers List, or by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the sidebar.


Import from Prompt 2

Existing information in Prompt 2 should be automatically imported into Prompt 3 the first time the app is launched.

On iOS, data can also be manually imported from the Settings menu.

Supported Formats

Prompt supports the following file formats when importing Servers:

  • *.promptServers
  • known_hosts
  • SSH config

Supported Directives

When importing from an SSH config file, Prompt supports the following directives:

  • Hostname
  • Host
  • Username
  • Port
  • ForwardAgent
  • ServerAliveInterval

Please Note: The Hostname directive is required for import, any entries without it will be skipped.


Servers exported from Prompt are stored in the *.promptServers file format. Exported servers can be saved in an encrypted format that includes the Server passwords, or a plain text format without passwords.

When exporting servers to an encrypted file, you will need to set a password that is at least 12 characters long.

This password will be required when the Servers are imported into Prompt.

Alert displayed when exporting Servers with passwords.