What information can be synced between devices?

Prompt will sync everything you need to connect: Servers, Passwords, Keys, and Clips.

Is it possible to only sync some data types?

Right now Panic Sync is all-or-nothing, but this is something we’d like to look into in an update to Panic Sync.

Does Prompt 2 sync with Transmit, Transmit iOS, Coda, or Code Editor?

Not currently. Due to the different server configurations possible in Transmit and Coda, we didn’t feel ready to sync them with Prompt 2. Among the questions we faced:

  • What if you have a WebDAV server in Transmit… do we hide it in Prompt?
  • What if there’s a group of hidden servers… do we hide the group?
  • What about reordering?

Too many “what-ifs” kept us from including this functionality in Prompt 2.0, but we’re definitely considering it for the future.

More information about Panic Sync can be found on the Panic Sync website