Prompt 3 adds a number of new default themes, customization, import/export and more.

Themes can be previewed and selected from Preferences > Themes on the Mac, and Settings > Themes on iOS.

Default Themes

Themes settings icon. Prompt now comes with eight built in themes to customize your terminal:


A preview of the Dark terminal theme.


A preview of the Fairyfloss terminal theme.


A preview of the Light terminal theme.


A preview of the Neon terminal theme.

Panic Palette

A preview of the Panic Palette terminal theme.


A preview of the Playdate terminal theme.

Solarized Dark

A preview of the Solarized Dark terminal theme.

Solarized Light

A preview of the Solarized Light terminal theme.

Custom Themes

In addition to the built-in themes, Prompt 3 brings support for creating your own. Customize the terminal from top to bottom, including support for:

  • Background color
  • Text color
  • Bold text color
  • Cursor color
  • Selection color
  • ANSI colors

Prompt for Mac

In addition to the above options, Prompt for Mac supports even more customization options, including opacity and bright ANSI colors.

Window Theme

Prompt for Mac supports customizing the window theme in addition to the terminal theme.

By default, Prompt will use the same theme for the window and terminal. To select a separate window theme, open Settings > Themes, and select the desired window theme from the drop-down menu.

Importing and Exporting themes

On macOS, Prompt supports importing themes in both .terminal ( and .itermcolors ( formats, in addition to the .promptTheme format.

To import or export a theme, open Settings > Themes, click the gear icon, and then choose the desired option from the drop-down menu.