Prompt 3 is available exclusively through the App Store. Subscription pricing is $19.99 USD/year.

What’s included with the subscription?

  • Unlimited access to Prompt on all three supported platforms: macOS, iOS, and iPadOS.
  • Panic Sync: Your servers, passwords, and private keys on all your devices. It’s easy, and extremely secure.
  • All major versions of Prompt we release in the future, as long as you remain subscribed.

Is there a free trial?

Absolutely. When you install Prompt from the App Store, on first launch you’re given 7 days to use it as much as you want, without restriction, until the subscription kicks in, and you can cancel during the trial (here) if it doesn’t work for you. It’s really simple and should give you more than enough time to try Prompt and make sure you love it.

How can I cancel my subscription or prevent it from renewing?

You can view and mange your active subscriptions on Apple’s support page here.

If my subscription lapses, do I lose my sites/clips/etc?

Not at all. If your subscription expires, you can still export your Servers, Clips, and Keys from Prompt’s Settings.

Without an active subscription the majority of Prompt’s features will be disabled; however, Prompt can still be used in “Quick Connect” mode to a limited extent.

What if I don’t like subscriptions?

We understand. We had to think about this one ourselves. Subscription revenue funds new features and frequent updates. Additionally, the App Store doesn’t support discount pricing for existing customers when future major updates are released.

So if you really don’t like subscriptions, there’s another option.

Prompt 3 is also available as a One-Time purchase of $99.99, with no future charges.

Did you say $99.99?

Yep! Remember: you’re getting two apps, Mac, and iOS.

I just recently purchased Prompt 2, can I get an upgrade?

Absolutely. For purchases within the past 60 days, simply contact our support team and we’ll get you set up with a complimentary year subscription.

I was charged after the trial completed, but I’d like a refund

Apple gives us no control over refunds in any way whatsoever. You will need to submit a request to Apple for a refund for any App Store app, including Prompt. This can be done by signing into with your Apple ID.