Code Editor Release Notes

You can find the latest version of Code Editor on the App Store:



  • October 26th, 2020


  • Fixed a potential crash when previewing sites
  • Playgrounds: Resolved a crash when using console.log(window) or console.log(this)


  • September 17th, 2020

This release improves support for iOS 14


  • Code Editor now requires iOS 13 or later


  • Fixed an a crash on iOS 14 when large file downloads are cancelled while Code Editor is in the background
  • iPhone X: When creating a new clip, the insertion point will now always be visible
  • Font size and line height labels are now drawn correctly on iOS 14 when editing themes


  • February 10, 2020


  • Resolved issue that prevented agent forwarding in the Terminal
  • Fixed an issue that prevented connecting to servers using Ed25519 host keys
  • File sharing export and import sheets no longer use light text on a light background
  • Fixed link to support email


  • August 6, 2019


  • Various SSH library improvements
  • Updated address placeholder for DreamObjects based servers


  • Hardware and software keyboards once again use non-curly quotes as default
  • Fixed the display of Ed25519 host keys when connecting to a server

Fixed for a future version of iOS

  • Improved visibility of multi-file selection UI
  • Resolved a crash when deleting the last character of a document
  • Accessory Keys pop-over now remains visible after activating a key
  • Improved visibility of ‘Open In…’ pop-over in single file-browser mode
  • iPhone: Passcode overlay is no longer able to be hidden
  • iPhone: Site credentials sheet can no longer become unresponsive after being partially dismissed
  • iPhone XR: Rotating device with nano active in Terminal no longer results in segmentation fault
  • iPad: Fixed file view controls flickering when switching between remote and local views
  • iPad Pro 13": Fixed single tab being positioned incorrectly in tab bar
  • iPad Pro 13": Fixed font and line spacing controls being drawn improperly


  • July 23, 2019


  • Your favorite mobile editor has a brand new name!


  • February 19, 2019


  • Fixed an issue that prevented connections to some SFTP servers


  • February 7, 2019


  • Slightly changed the name of the app


  • January 2, 2019


  • Various SSH library improvements


  • Resolved an issue that prevented zip decompression if the archive contained a hidden file


  • December 6, 2018


  • Added support for the iPhone XS Max and iPad Pro (3rd Generation) screen sizes


  • September 13, 2018


  • Fixed a potential crash on devices running iOS 12 when connecting in the Terminal


  • January 9, 2018


  • Improvements to crash reporting


  • December 19, 2017

This release improves iPhone X support and adds a number of other improvements. Here’s the full list:


  • Added support for TLS 1.2


  • Included an option for hiding the keyboard on iPhone when using device in landscape orientation
  • Added support for setting a site’s ‘Local Path’ to the root of Coda’s ‘Documents’ folder
  • Improved system alert localizations


  • Fixed an issue where autocomplete popup suggestions could cause text to flicker
  • Performing Find/Replace in an empty document using a placeholder no longer causes a crash
  • Resolved an issue where inserting search placeholders could cause a crashing exception
  • File permissions are now immediately updated in the file browser UI after being changed
  • Editing S3-hosted HTML files no longer potentially adds blank “Content-Encoding” metadata on save
  • iPhone X: Terminal accessory row no longer draws outside safe area when Bluetooth keyboard is attached
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when reordering clips in the Global Clips group
  • Disabled the Super Loupe in clip body text field
  • Terminal: Connecting an external keyboard now dismisses expanded keyboard bar
  • Fixed cosmetic issues with ‘New Site’ menu on iPhone Plus in Landscape
  • Rotating iPhone Plus with popover visible no longer makes table cells horizontally scrollable
  • Sites popovers no longer show light-gray background in landscape on iPhone Plus


  • November 7, 2017


  • Support for iPhone X!


  • Various UI improvements for iPhone X compatibility
  • Improved the design of our keyboard accessory row on all devices
  • Added support for Face ID authentication


  • Fixed an issue in iOS 11 where the keyboard accessory row was hidden after backgrounding and then foregrounding the app


  • Sep 19, 2017


  • Panic Sync: Added 2FA support for sync accounts
  • Panic Sync: Added fine-grained control for merging Panic Sync data
  • Panic Sync: Added support for resetting repositories directly from Coda


  • Panic Sync: De-authorizing the current device no longer causes a crash
  • Panic Sync: Improved behavior when attempting to sync while offline
  • Various improvements to overall stability


  • Fixed an issue preventing connections to servers with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Fixed an issue which prevented “Host Key Changed” alerts from appearing in some cases
  • Tapping a key generated in Coda no longer causes a crash
  • Fixed an issue related to deleting sites which could cause Coda to crash in some cases


  • May 09, 2017

Note — This will be the final version of Coda to support iOS 9. Future updates will require iOS 10.3 or later.


  • Coda’s web preview now includes support for the 1Password extension


  • Resolved an issue where removing a custom syntax mode could cause a crash
  • Improved Panic Sync integration in preparation for future updates
  • No longer allow creation of new Servers in groups that have been deleted via a sync operation
  • Improved display of Panic Sync account information when device is offline
  • Fixed a crash that could potentially occur when connecting to certain FTP or SFTP based servers
  • Server port field no longer unnecessarily truncates text on devices with smaller screens
  • Updated DreamObjects server endpoint


  • Sep 22, 2016


  • Added support for auto-repeating alphanumeric keys when using an external keyboard
  • Powerline Font support (Menlo and Source Code Pro only)


  • Resolved a number of crashes related to syntax highlighting, autocomplete, and undo/redo
  • Additional performance and stability improvements
  • Clip creation pop-over now prompts for unsaved changes when dismissed
  • Resolved a problem where clip tab trigger could cause a crash
  • Tab Triggers no longer incorrectly indent current line when triggered
  • Added local file support for ‘Parent Folder’ Clip Placeholder


  • Jun 06, 2016


  • Crash fixes and improved stability
  • ‘Save Before Closing’ alert is now displayed properly on iPhone 6 Plus in landscape orientation.
  • Resolved an issue with accessing the File Manager through the Playground.


  • May 19, 2016


  • Sites can be sorted alphabetically or by most recently opened! Tap “Edit” in the Sites tab to enable sorting.
  • Coda will now detect if remote files have been modified externally before saving changes.


  • The local file list now updates automatically after a file is renamed
  • Resolved an issue that could prevent Markdown from being rendered correctly in Preview
  • Fixed an issue where the Terminal accessory keyboard row keys were not present in some circumstances
  • Additional crash fixes and improved stability


  • May 05, 2016



  • ECDSA is now supported for both server and client authentication (265, 384 and 521 bits)
  • Generate 256-, 384-, and 521- bit ECDSA keys right in Coda
  • Six digit passcodes can now be used to secure the app
  • When host keys are updated to support ECDSA, the alert will specify why
  • Removed support for DSA key generation (they can still be used, however)
  • Improved SSH key management: Passphrases are now associated directly with keys themselves. No more entering passphrases for every server!

Editor Improvements

  • Document syntax highlighting is faster and more accurate
  • A default Syntax Mode for new documents can now be specified in Settings
  • Bracket auto-insertion and matching is now more intelligent
  • Editor auto-scroll works more reliably when using an external keyboard
  • The search settings view can now be properly dismissed on iPhone
  • The HTML comment button is no longer truncated on iPhone 4s, 5, and 5s
  • Line numbers no longer shift by one while the document is being scrolled
  • The autocomplete popover no longer obscures the current line in certain cases on iPhone
  • The Super Loupe now properly displays on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Terminal Improvements

  • Terminal now properly sends all standard Control- key commands to the session
  • Resolved an issue preventing some SSH connections using 2FA verification codes
  • Resolved an issue preventing some SSH connections using keys with passphrases
  • Terminal connections now properly show host key alerts for all cases
  • Terminal authentication failures now fail more quickly
  • The Keep Display On option in the Terminal now works properly


  • A crash related to syntax highlighting (particularly CSS, Python, and PHP) has been resolved
  • A crash when spell checking long documents has been resolved
  • A crash when commenting text has been resolved
  • A crash when deleting whole words up to a quote character has been resolved
  • Improved accuracy of permissions related transfer errors
  • Resolved an issue where the second step of passcode creation could be bypassed
  • Site thumbnail generation is now far less aggressive, especially when the server returns an error
  • The file browser now properly updates file sizes in certain edge cases
  • Changing file transfer conflict resolution settings now takes effect without restarting
  • Remote, empty hidden files can now be created properly
  • Changing a server to use any remote protocol other than SFTP now properly switches to password auth
  • Switching the group for a site in its edit view now properly updates the group row
  • The port field of the site’s terminal edit view now auto-populates from the SFTP remote details


  • Jan 28, 2016


  • Trailing whitespace and final newline options are now supported for EditorConfig


  • Line numbers no longer shift out of place when a document is scrolled
  • You can now use custom syntax modes to make files associated with other apps editable in Coda
  • The Find/Replace toolbar is now dismissed when closing a document
  • “Take Photo” and “Take Video” now perform more reliably


  • Dec 16, 2015


  • Auto-indent wrapped lines in the text editor
  • TypeScript syntax mode
  • Access and manipulate local files in Coda with Playground’s new file system commands


  • Invalid passwords are no longer cached for S3 and DreamObject server types
  • Enabling “Ask For Password” setting on WebDAV servers no longer causes connection error
  • Preview tabs are now able to be closed on iPhone and iPod
  • Editor no longer loses focus after opening and closing Markdown preview
  • Stability improvements for spell check, site group syncing, copy/paste, and autocomplete
  • Fix for potential crash with Spotlight indexing
  • Keyboard shortcuts used in Preview Console are no longer passed to the editor


  • Nov 24, 2015


  • Spotlight Search - Your sites will now appear in the iOS Spotlight search results. Tapping a site will open that site in Coda!
  • External preview support for Firefox and Chrome
  • Support for spell checking in the editor


  • Sites created in earlier versions of Coda are now displayed in Spotlight search results
  • Preview now correctly displays pages served over HTTPS
  • Resolved a problem that could prevent custom fonts from being imported
  • Terminal beep no longer affects audio playback from other apps
  • Markdown files are now rendered correctly in preview
  • Improved stability when undoing auto-completed text
  • Numerous improvements when using an external keyboard in the editor
  • Permissions related error messages are now displayed properly


  • Nov 06, 2015


  • External Preview - You can now preview your local HTML documents in Safari when running in Split Screen on the iPad!
  • 3D Touch Support - Your three most recently opened sites will now appear in the quick actions menu when using 3D Touch on Coda’s home screen icon.
  • Switched the UI font from Proxima Nova to San Francisco
  • EditorConfig support
  • Sass syntax mode
  • Rust syntax mode
  • Added Command-Tilde as an alternate Completions shortcut for keyboards without an Esc key
  • Added alert and prompt to the JavaScript Playground
  • Added a setting to configure the number of simultaneous transfer connections


  • External keyboard shortcuts work better in iOS 9
  • Keyboard accessory bar now correctly appears when the Find/Replace fields are selected
  • Can now edit .cgi Perl files, which previously opened as a video
  • The site remote and terminal editors now show the name of the SSH key being used
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard could appear above the passcode view
  • Fixed a crash when selecting insertion placeholders after inserting a clip
  • Fixed an issue with SSH key passphrases not saving
  • Fixed an issue where action sheets would animate in with a black opaque background


  • Sep 23, 2015


  • Fixes a possible crash on launch. Ugh.


  • Sep 15, 2015


  • Open supported document types in Coda from other iOS apps
  • Added support for importing Favorites from Transmit for Mac
  • Prompt before opening a large number of files for editing
  • Wildcard search in Find & Replace


  • Fixed an issue where the passcode lock could be bypassed
  • Javascript auto-complete now uses the correct ‘for’ syntax
  • Block comments no longer terminate Lua syntax highlighting
  • Clips editor now displays the Super Loupe
  • Restored support for navigation with arrow keys on external keyboards
  • Improved reliability of Agent Forwarding in Terminal
  • URLs are now tappable in Terminal


  • Jul 16, 2015

It’s finally here. A massive, FREE update: CODA 2 for iOS!

Almost entirely rewritten, this massive undertaking makes literally every inch of the app better. It’s so big, it’s no longer ‘Diet’.

Here’s what’s new in 2.0:

  • NEW UI. Fully redesigned impeccably to look great on iOS 9 and beyond.
  • We heard you! Now, it’s universal! Code Editor now works on your iPad and your iPhone.
  • PANIC SYNC. Keep your sites, clips, and credentials in sync using our free, secure sync service.
  • MORE MODES. Go, INI, Lua, Scheme, Shell Script, SQL, and Swift.
  • Experiment and test in a real Javascript environment, live.
  • DUAL FILE BROWSERS. See dev and productions files side-by-side. Managing your files is now even easier.
  • Lots of new features ported straight from our powerful Prompt 2 SSH client.
  • BETTER PREVIEW. Faster AirPreview. Markdown support. Much more.
  • NEW PROTOCOLS. Amazon S3, DreamObjects, and WebDAV.
  • LOTS MORE. Incredible fixes around every corner, including: shared local storage with Transmit iOS for easier workflows, better Accessibility support, List View for sites, Passcode lock with Touch ID support, background transfer notifications, 1Password Extension support, importing and exporting to iCloud Drive and other document providers, and more.