Prompt 3 Release Notes

You can find the latest version of Prompt on the App Store:


Prompt 3.0.4

  • May 13, 2024


  • This update adds YubiKey compatibility for certain iPad models

Prompt 3.0.3

  • Mar 18, 2024


  • iPhone: Prompt can now be used in landscape orientation
  • Mosh: A custom mosh --server=... path can now be defined in Server Settings
  • Mac: Added a setting for “Open Quickly” sessions to be created in a new window or new tab
  • Mac: New windows and connections can now be opened from the from dock icon contextual menu
  • Mac: The Local Terminal can now request Calendar access for scripting purposes


  • Emulation: Italic text is now displayed as expected
  • iOS: Addressed a potential issue with resuming Mosh sessions after device sleep
  • iOS: Resolved an issue with terminal output not being displayed on some devices when GPU acceleration is enabled
  • iOS/iPadOS: Fixed a potential crash when authenticating with a Yubikey 5NFC device over USB-C
  • Mac: The to folder AppleScript argument should now work as expected
  • Mac: Opacity settings now work as expected when using custom vertical spacing
  • Mac: Resolved an issue that could prevent devices from syncing after relaunch
  • Mac: Switching tabs via a keyboard command now auto-focuses the new terminal view
  • Mac: Addressed a potential issue where transparent window shadows could use more CPU than expected
  • Quick Connect: Addressed a crash when modifying connection theme or folder settings
  • URL schema: Servers with a name containing a space now open as expected on iOS/iPad devices
  • Various cosmetic improvements

Prompt 3.0.2

  • Feb 12, 2024

This release contains a fix for an issue some users were having syncing clips and servers. If you experienced problems with Panic Sync, you may need to log out and log back in after installing this update.

On Mac, it also contains better support for JumpHosts and ProxyCommands specified in ~/.ssh/config. This should allow Prompt to connect to over tailscale and similar setups. Advanced support for ProxyCommand requires the local terminal component to be installed.


  • Custom themes now can now sync between devices
  • iPad: Added a “Show/Hide Tabs” toggle to the extra keyboard row
  • Mac: The version number of the Local Terminal is now displayed in the “About Prompt” menu after installation
  • Mac: Added support for arbitrary ProxyCommands (Local Terminal update required)
  • Mac: The local COLORTERM environment is now set by default (Local Terminal update required)


  • Server and Clip groups no longer display recursive contents in some circumstances
  • Addressed a line height issue that could cause misalignment with powerline and nerd font symbols
  • Improved emulation when using top and htop
  • Jump Hosts: Resolved a problem that could cause connections to fail when a custom port was not specified
  • Panic Sync: Fixed issues syncing data on some accounts
  • iOS: Control-arrow key combinations now behave as expected
  • iOS: Terminal logs are now retained after logging has been enabled
  • iOS: Port field information is now maintained more accurately when switching connection protocols
  • iOS: “Reset App Data” now removes custom themes
  • iPad: The “Hide Keyboard” button is no longer visible when an external keyboard is connected
  • Mac: Addressed an issue with mouse clicks not being recognized by some programs, like htop
  • Mac: Addressed a potential crash when saving a new Clip
  • Mac: Theme color of remote windows is now restored on relaunch
  • Mac: Importing custom themes now works as expected
  • Mac: Fixed the display of very long server names in the toolbar
  • Mac: Focus on the terminal window is now retained when inserting clips from the sidebar
  • Mac: Addressed an issue where new window shadows were not being drawn in some circumstances
  • Mac: The sidebar toggle works more reliably immediately after completing the first-launch setup
  • Various cosmetic improvements

Prompt 3.0.1

  • Jan 22, 2024


  • iPhone: Addressed an issue where showing the custom keyboard could cause the text to disappear
  • iOS: Scrollback position is now better maintained for SSH connections when switching tabs
  • Mac: Local Terminal can now send Apple Events
  • Mac: Fixed vertical padding settings not being applied as expected
  • Mac: Terminal output no longer shows through search bar in some circumstances
  • Mosh: Improved switching between IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Refinements to setup and purchase process
  • Various cosmetic fixes and improvements

Prompt 3.0

  • Jan 16, 2024


Prompt is the terminal that goes where you do, whether you’re on the road or at your desk. With Panic Sync, your servers are available on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. And with Mosh and Eternal Terminal support, you can stay connected even on the most unstable networks.

Welcome to Prompt 3. For over a decade, Prompt has been the best SSH terminal on iOS and iPadOS, and we’re excited to finally release a much-requested Mac version. But that’s not all. With two new connection types, port forwarding, and a faster terminal, Prompt is better than ever.

πŸ‡ Superfast SSH

We retooled the text engine in Prompt 3 to be up to 10x faster, and with improved terminal emulation, you can run nvim inside tmux without breaking a sweat.

πŸ–‡οΈ Clips

Put your most-used commands and text bits into clips and access them with a single tap via Prompt’s keyboard bar. Clips can be stored globally or per-server.

πŸ” Secure Enclave

Authenticate with FaceID and TouchID. The keys will stay secure on your device.

πŸ” Panic Sync

Sync your favorite servers, passwords, private keys, and clips, between Prompt on all of your iOS devices.

🎨 Customizable

Make Prompt perfect with new themes, fonts, and a very configurable iOS keyboard.

⏫ Jump Hosts and Agent Forwarding

Access corporate servers, even at the beach.

🀝 Mosh and Eternal Terminal

Keep your terminal open, even when you get disconnected. Mosh is optimized for high-latency, low-throughput networks. Eternal Terminal is great for when you need to keep your full terminal history on a flaky connection.

πŸ–±οΈ Mouse Support

Use your mouse to interact with TUI-based apps that run through the terminal.