Status Board Release Notes

Status Board has been discontinued. Read more.


  • Nov 28, 2016

This update also adds full compatibility with iOS 10 and fixes a number of issues.


  • Resolved an issue where multi-byte characters and emoji may have been visually clipped in Twitter, RSS, and Calendar panels
  • Fixed a problem with Twitter panels that could cause incorrect tweet highlighting
  • Fixed the default RSS feed for The Verge
  • Switched the UI font from Proxima Nova to San Francisco
  • Improved location suggestions for clock and weather panel customizers
  • Photo panel transition rates now reflect specified settings
  • “Empty Status Board” message is not shown on external displays
  • Resolved an issue where Mail would not automatically launch when attempting to Send Feedback
  • Customizer errors no longer cause a crash on devices running iOS 10
  • Invalid panel sources no longer potentially cause a crash
  • Disconnecting device from external monitor while photo panel is in use no longer causes a crash
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when adding specific URLs as a DIY panel source
  • Accessing Japanese documentation for DIY, Graph, and Table panels no longer causes a crash
  • Additional stability improvements


  • Jul 11, 2016


  • Resolves an issue with publishing or subscribing to Status Boards.


  • Mar 14, 2016


  • Resolves an issue with unlocking the panel pack.


  • Feb 26, 2016


  • Our newest update, 2.0.10, includes more robust error logging.


  • Jan 13, 2016


  • Subscribing to a published board now works as expected
  • Fixed an issue that prevented boards or panels from being imported


  • Dec 14, 2015


  • Addresses an issue that would allow installation on older, non compatible versions of iOS
  • Added x-callback-url statusboard:// or panicboard:// to launch app without installing a new panel or board.
  • RSS/Atom news feeds with no linked URL no longer cause a crash.
  • Error message now displayed if an invalid panel type is attempted to import via URL


  • Nov 16, 2015


  • Runs properly on iPad Pro
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when editing a Photo panel
  • Graph email by day and hour now work properly with multiple accounts
  • Fixed a problem when graphing very large numbers (in the millions)
  • Fixed issue with email data being displayed after being toggled off and on
  • “Duplicate Board” functionality added back into the “+” button
  • Improved performance with panels in List mode
  • “Recently Used” list fixed in DIY, Graph, and Table


  • Oct 07, 2015


  • “Turn off iPad Display” enabled when iPad is not displaying boards
  • Changes made without leaving Edit mode are lost in relaunch
  • RSS ticker stops updating after viewing post
  • Editing account after toggling visibility breaks customizer
  • Red calendar is displayed pink in calendar panel
  • New email account disappears if edit mode is cancelled
  • Graph legend auto-scroll doesn’t work on iOS 9
  • GoSquared “Add To Status Board” link fails from embedded browser
  • Tapping “Cancel” when editing source disables the source
  • Don’t allow duplicate email sources
  • Published boards should be re-published into CloudKit Production Environment upon app launch
  • Published boards should not be deleted when not detected in CloudKit DB.
  • Customizer for DIY panels on subscribed boards causes crash
  • Bug in iOS 9 beta 1 causes Photo Panel to fail when selecting a user-created album
  • Recent Dropbox Source is blank
  • Switch to SafariViewController for web content in iOS 9
  • Remove error message from top of customizer for panels with sources


  • Aug 20, 2015


  • Improved icon detection for News Feed sources
  • Fixed an issue with some default News Feed sources
  • Fixed a crash related to Photos permissions
  • Improved overall stability of Photos albums
  • No longer crashes when deleting an errored source
  • Now uses “Partly Cloudy” ucon for unknown weather types


  • Aug 15, 2015


  • Fixed an error when selecting Gmail folders in the Email panel
  • RSS web views now remember cookies/credentials from article to article
  • All photos in an album are displayed instead of just the first 25
  • Improves memory usage in the Photos panel
  • Added the option to include a username and password for Basic HTTP authentication in the panicboard:// URL scheme
  • Fixed an issue where adding two of the same email account to the Email panel caused instability
  • Fixed an issue where the Photos panel did not transition through photos on the iPad if an external display was connected
  • Added an “About Status Board” view in the Extras menu


  • Aug 13, 2015


  • Fixed an issue where authentication with the Dropbox app was failing for some users.
  • Added optional support for not checking email server certificates so self-signed SSL certificates can be authenticated.
  • Added a default configuration for iCloud email accounts in the email panel.
  • Fixed an issue where email servers using SSL always used port 993, regardless of user input.
  • Fixed an issue where users who hadn’t purchased Status Board 1 or the Expansion Pack were seeing an Apple ID login on every launch.
  • Improved stability


  • Aug 06, 2015


  • Fixed an issue where the Expansion Pack wasn’t automatically available for a few Status Board 1 customers
  • No longer prompts for App Store credentials every time Status Board launches
  • DIY panel text now appears white both on iPad and on external displays
  • No longer crashes when modifying Clock and Weather panels with errors


  • Aug 03, 2015


  • Bug Fixes


  • Jul 30, 2015


  • NEW UI. A new font, new icons, and a new, sleek, streamlined appearance.
  • MULTIPLE BOARDS. As many as you want! Swipe left or right to switch boards, or use our custom transitions and delays to cycle through them automatically.
  • Photo Album: automatically cycles through photos in an album of your choice
  • Countdown: to a date of your choice. (Or, count-up from a date that’s already happened!)
  • Text: Easily specify any text on a board. Or, create labels.
  • Share live links to boards, so the same board can be viewed across your entire organization and will update automatically when you make changes. Or, share your boards with your friends.
  • Nice new backgrounds beyond black. Or, add your own, and fully brand your board.
  • HD-OUT. Output specially-formatted HDTV-native boards. It’s built-in and free for everyone.
  • LOTS MORE. Tons of fixes and improvements everywhere.