We are very sad to announce we’re discontinuing development of Status Board. Though Status Board became a part of many offices around the world, sales weren’t enough to sustain further development. More detailed information can be found on the Panic Blog.

Any customers who purchased Status Board in the last 30 days or so should contact us — send along a screenshot of your purchase receipt, and we’ll see if we can compensate you in some way for you purchase. Apple doesn’t allow us to do a refund for you, but we’ll think of something.

If you have already purchased Status Board it will continue to work fine on your devices in the foreseeable future.

Going forward there are a few things on the horizon to be aware of:

  • Due to API changes the Dropbox integration will stop functioning in June of 2017

  • We’ll continue to pay for our weather service as long as possible, but sometime in late 2017 it will likely stop working as well

What if I need to reinstall Status Board after it’s been removed from sale?

If you already purchased Status Board you can always download it from the Purchases section of the App Store on your device. More information about this process can be found on Apple’s support site.

Please note, once an app has been removed from sale it is no listed in iTunes or a regular App Store search.

How do I update to the latest version after the app has been removed from sale?

Due to App Store restrictions it isn’t possible to update an app after it has been removed from sale.

If you are running an older version of Status Board and would like use the most recent release you will need to delete the app entirely and then reinstall from the Purchases section of the App Store.

Please make sure to back up a copy of your data with Status Board’s Export or Publish functionality before removing the app from your device!

My weather panels stopped working!

If your weather panels return a 404 error, you’ll need to export your Status Board, delete and reinstall the app, then re-import your board.

Can I get a copy of Status Board now that it is no longer available for purchase?

Unfortunately not. Apple requires all iOS apps to be purchased and distributed through the App Store exclusively.

What about the possibility of an open-source version of Status Board?

At this time it’s not practical for us to open source Status Board at this time due to shared libraries with our other apps.

Most of all, thank you everyone who helped support Status Board during its tenure. It was a pleasure to work on this app, and we deeply appreciate your support, as always.

This article was last updated on February 13, 2018