What pre-configured panels are included?

Clock and Weather are exactly what you expect. Calendar will display the events from one or more of your local iPad calendars, even Exchange. Mail can show you mailbox counts, list incoming messages, or graph message volume. Twitter can show you tweets as a ticker, or chart Twitter volume. RSS will show you the latest articles in a feed, or graph article volume.

What panels are included as part of the in-app purchase?

Photo Album will display a slide show of up to 25 photos from a album of your choice. Countdown Count down to (or from!) any date. Text Text. Perfect for displaying text! (You can even use it to make labels for other panels.)

You’ll also get access to all three pro panels, Table, Chart, and Do-It-Yourself.

How can I graph my own data?

Status Board provides three pro panels as part of the in-app purchase: Table, Chart, and Do-It-Yourself (which is a basic web view). To learn more, check out these guides: Graph Tutorial, Table Tutorial, and DIY Tutorial.

Great! Can I use HTTP-based authentication?

Yep! In Status Board 2 this is built right into the DIY panel. No more adding your information as part of the URL.

Do any websites collect or output Status Board-compatible data?

Yes. Check out our Sources page!

This article was last updated on May 16, 2022