Note: These steps are for Transmit 4. For Transmit 5, we recommend using Panic Sync to keep your servers in sync between devices.

How can I import my Favorites from Transmit 4 on my Mac into Transmit iOS?

  1. Choose Export from Transmit’s Favorites Menu to export your Favorites and save them in a file.
  2. Take the file you exported in Step 1 (it should have the file extension .exportedFavorites) and throw it into a cloud storage app like Dropbox.
  3. Launch the Dropbox app on your iOS device and find your .exportedFavorites file.
  4. Use the Share button and tap Open In, then tap Transmit. Transmit’s interface should appear.
  5. Tap the Local pane at the bottom, then choose Save.
  6. Launch Transmit, tap the .exportedFavorites file, and choose Import.

This article was last updated on August 22, 2017