How do I transfer files to or from iCloud Drive in Transmit for iOS?

Before you can connect you’ll need to sign into your account in Settings > iCloud and enable iCloud Drive.

To import files from iCloud drive tap the + button at the top of the folder, then choose Import from iCloud Drive… Tapping a file will start the download.

To send files to iCloud drive tap the button at the top of the folder and select the file to upload. Next tap the ellipsis icon, Add to iCloud Drive, select the destination folder, and tap Done.

How to I add my iCloud Drive to the Transmit for iOS server list?

This is not currently possible due to restrictions in iOS 8. At this time iCloud Drive can only be accessed via the share sheet method detailed above.

If Apple adds additional ways for iOS apps to access iCloud Drive we’ll look at adding them to Transmit.

This article was last updated on March 20, 2017