Can I sync my Favorites?

If you purchased Transmit via the Mac App Store, you can sync your favorites through iCloud.

Transmit 4 & Dropbox Sync

Prior to version 4.4.13, Transmit 4 used an old Dropbox API for syncing your favorites… and this API is now deprecated. That means Transmit 4 is no longer be able to sync your favorites using Dropbox in any way whatsoever. If your copy of Transmit still offers you the ability to connect to Dropbox for Favorites Sync, you are using an older version. We recommend updating to the latest version of Transmit 4 if at all possible.

Specifically, the Dropbox API in question was deprecated on 6/28/2017 and the feature was removed in 4.4.13. It is no longer possible to connect Transmit 4 to Dropbox and all files located in /Dropbox/Apps/Transmit/ are safe to delete.

In Transmit 5 we offer proper protocol support for Dropbox which allows you to connect to Dropbox to transfer files, but it is not used for syncing Favorites/Servers.

Does Transmit 4 support Panic Sync?

Panic Sync requires at least Transmit 5.0. Transmit 4.4.13 (and earlier) is not compatible.

Without favorite sync, the best way to move your Favorites to another copy of Transmit would be to export your Favorites from the Favorites menu, move that file to another Mac, then import it in Transmit.

This article was last updated on May 16, 2022