Connecting to BackBlaze B2 storage

Connecting to B2 in Transmit 5 is a cinch. Transmit 5 needs two things from B2’s web panel in order to connect:

  • keyID
  • applicationKey

To get these, login to your Backblaze B2 web panel and select App Keys from the sidebar. From here, click Add a New Application Key and give the key a unique name. Select the buckets to which this key will have access, the type of access (permissions), and click Create New Key. You’ll then be shown the keyID, keyName, and applicationKey. This will only be shown once, so make sure you take note.

Tip: It’s a good idea to create a new Application Key for each app you’ve connected to B2. If you can’t remember the key details, it’s not possible to pull it up in the B2 web panel. You’ll need to delete the old key and create a new one for Transmit.

Once you’ve got your keyID and applicationKey, they can be entered into the corresponding fields in Transmit when setting up a new Backblaze B2 connection.

This article was last updated on July 23, 2019