Editing files

Transmit includes a basic text editor for small modifications to plain text files.

To edit a text file within Transmit, select it, then choose File > Edit in Transmit

To save changes made in the editor, choose File > Save

Using external editors

To open a file in the default application for its type, select the file, then choose File > Open.

To change the default application for a particular type of file:

  1. Choose Transmit > Settings…
  2. Click Files
  3. In the Custom Editors section, click
  4. Type the extension for the file type, such as “html” or “txt”
  5. Click Choose… to associate the file type with an application
  6. Click OK

To delete a custom editor configuration, select it, then click

To edit an existing custom editor configuration, select it then click the pencil icon.

Customizing Transmit’s editor

To change the font used by Transmit’s built-in text editor:

  1. Choose Transmit > Settings…
  2. Click General
  3. In the section labeled File Editor Font, click Select…

A standard system font browser will appear for you to choose your desired font. A preview of the font will be shown next to the File Editor Font label.

This article was last updated on October 27, 2022