New in 5.1!

More localizations
Chinese, French, and German
New Server Type/Protocol Support
OpenStack Swift
“US GovCloud S3” servers
Advanced SFTP features
Support for SFTP ProxyCommand when using ssh config files
PKCS #11 cryptographic keys (such as Yubikey devices)
Auth agent support (including Krypton)
Added support for the ChaCha Poly1305 cipher


Additional Protocols/Cloud Services

  • Amazon Drive
  • Backblaze B2
  • DreamObjects
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft OneDrive for Business
  • Rackspace CloudFiles

Fully Refreshed UI

Activity queue
Monitor file transfer operation progress
File browser
Browse local and remote files simultaneously
Easily get information about local and remote files
Quickly access your most used folders and files
Save your favorite servers and cloud storage accounts for easy access

Panic Sync

Sites and keys
Sync accounts and credentials between other Macs running Transmit 5
Other Panic Apps
Sync between Transmit and Coda on macOS and iOS

Increased Speed

Folder Multithreading
Transfers folder contents asynchronously
Remote copy
Duplicate remote files without having to download them locally
Instant file transfers
No longer retrieve all file sizes before starting operations
UI Performance Optimization
Quickly access everything you need in a single window

File Synchronization

More accurate progress reporting
File by file progress for sync operations
Support for multiple connections
Transfer more files faster than ever before
Local-to-local/Remote-to-remote support
Sync any two folders, not just for local to remote operations
Improved Rule management
Change and apply skip rules dynamically from UI
Manually include/skip files
Makes changes on the fly after simulating an operation

New Features and Support

Key Management
Generate, Import, and Sync SSH keys all within Transmit
Open in Terminal
Quickly open local and SFTP folders directly in
Touch Bar Support
Access specific folders and transfer files right from the Touch Bar
V4 API support and Multi-part uploading for files > 5GB

Other Improvements

  • Built-in Editor Improvements

    • Path bar
    • Remote file path shown in editor window
    • Path to file on server is now used as the temp file path
  • 2FA/OTP support for SFTP based connections

  • Batch file rename

  • Copy and Paste files between browsers

  • Finder Tags

  • Path-based File Rules

  • Regex file filtering

  • NTLM & HTTP Digest authentication support

  • UTF-8 NFC (Normalization Form Composition) support

  • More font size options

  • Support for alternating row colors in list view

  • Download progress now shows in Dock/Finder

  • Sort in Icon & Column Views

  • Compress & Upload contextual menu (right-click, then option key down)

  • State restoration support

This article was last updated on August 16, 2018