If you use a particular cryptographic key/identity instead of a password to authenticate with your server, you can import that key into Transmit.

More information about the types of key files supported in Panic’s apps can be found here.

Keys stored in your ~/.ssh folder will be used automatically if you leave the password field blank for the favorite.

Keys located elsewhere may be imported. Key files imported into Transmit are synced between devices via Panic Sync.

To import a key file for use with a Transmit favorite:

  1. Open Settings > Keys
  2. Click the button
  3. Choose Import Keys
  4. Select the key file(s) to import
  5. Click Import

Alternatively, a key file can be added directly to a Transmit favorite:

  1. Edit the favorite in the favorites editor
  2. Choose Favorites > Import SSH Key File…
  3. Locate the key file using the file browser
  4. Click Choose Key File

If the key file is passphrase-protected you will be prompted for the passphrase upon importing it.

The key icon in the favorites editor becomes highlighted to indicate that a key file is being used for this favorite. This icon can also be used to enable or disable the key file’s use.

Key files can only be used with SFTP connections.

This article was last updated on October 27, 2022