You can choose what is displayed by default when a new Transmit window is opened: a connection panel, a local folder, or a Server. Additionally, you can choose to connect to the selected Server automatically.

To change the default behavior of new windows:

  1. Choose Transmit > Settings…
  2. Click General

Choose your desired option from the “Windows open with” popups

The left popup affects the left file browser, and the right popup affects the right.

(Transmit can be configured to display just a single file browser per window. If it is configured this way, you will only be able to set one of the two popups.)

Choosing None will result in a connection panel being shown in the corresponding browser when a new window is opened.

Choosing a Server will display a connection panel with that Server pre-selected in the corresponding browser. If you would like to automatically connect to that selected favorite, also check Connect to favorite on startup.

Choosing a local folder will display that folder in the corresponding browser.

Please Note: These settings are automatically overriden by macOS State Restoration. To disable state restoration open System Settings > Desktop & Dock and enable the option for Close windows when quitting an application.

This article was last updated on October 27, 2022