Transmit’s view options can be accessed from the menubar by choosing View > Show View Options… or by clicking the icon on the far right of the file browser path bar.

Transmit 5 view options.

Changing the view mode of file browsers

Transmit’s file browsers can be set to any one of four different view modes.

Thumbnail view

Thumbnail view shows previews of files when possible, and icons of files that cannot be previewed.

A file browser using thumbnail view.

When using Thumbnail view the icon size and sort order can be adjusted from the View Options menu.

Thumbnail specific view options.

List view

List view shows a list of files and folders with one item per row. Columns for additional information (such as modification date and file size) can be switched on and off by choosing View > Show View Options while in list view.

A file browser using list view.

Column view

Column view shows the file hierarchy as a series of columns. Additional columns are added as you select folders in the browser to show that folder’s contents.

A file browser using column view.

Cover Flow view

Cover Flow view shows large size previews of files when possible, and large size icons of files that cannot be previewed

A file browser using Cover Flow view.

Switching between one and two file browsers

Transmit can show one or two file browsers in each window.

To switch between using one browser and two browsers, click the corresponding icon to the right of the view modes.

You can also choose View > Show One File Browser or View > Show Two File Browsers respectively.

Hide or show file browser attribute columns

In List and Cover Flow views, Transmit can show additional columns that display certain file attributes:

Displays sizes for files in the browser
Displays the modification date for files in the browser
Displays the user ownership for files in the file browser
Displays group ownership for files in the file browser
Displays permissions for files using rwxrwxrwx format

File browser columns can be reordered by dragging them to their desired location.

Please Note: Only Unix-style servers, WebDAV servers, and Amazon S3 support owner/group/permissions

Display view options

Show invisible files
Show or hide invisible characters in the file browser.
Folders above files
Always display folders above files in the file browser.
Use relative dates
Display relative dates such as “Today” or “Yesterday” (similar to Finder).
Show file count
Displays a file count for the current directory on the right side of the path bar.

Changing the size of the file browser font

You can choose between a smaller or larger font for the display of file names.

To change the file browser font, size click the Text Size dropdown and select the desired font size.

This article was last updated on June 5, 2018