We try not to add a setting for every possible configuration option. We’ve gone to great lengths to pick useful default settings and build flexibility into the interface so you don’t have to micro-manage a sea of checkboxes in the Preferences.

Occasionally we’ll come across a situation where it makes sense to add a hidden preference. Hidden preferences allow us to implement important settings for the small but important minority of users who need them, while keeping UI complexity down for everyone else.

One major problem with hidden preferences: they’re hidden. You won’t discover them on your own, and until now, they haven’t been documented anywhere.

To set any of the preferences below, launch your favorite Terminal app (or just the Terminal app in the Utilities folder in your Applications), paste in one of the commands listed below, and hit Return.

Like this:

My-iMac:~ panic_user$ defaults write com.panic.Coda2 SingleLineComments YES
My-iMac:~ panic_user$ █

Enable/Disable Functionality

defaults write com.panic.Coda2 KnightRider -bool True
Always use dark mode regardless of system appearance setting. Note: this requires macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or later.
defaults write com.panic.Coda2 SingleLineComments YES
Always use single-line comments (in languages that support both single- and multi-line commenting).
defaults write com.panic.Coda2 RenderTabThumbnails -bool False
Prevent Coda from attempting to generate a thumbnail image of the document you’re currently working on for use in the tab bar. (This can be useful if your page uses a plug-in or heavy scripting or auto-playing media.)
defaults delete com.panic.Coda2 dont.ask.again.result.publishConfirmation
Bring back the confirmation sheet when Publishing your Site (if you’d previously hidden it).
defaults write com.panic.Coda2 StringLengthToStopHighlightingAndWrapping -int 300000
Coda automatically disables syntax highlighting and soft line wrapping for larger documents. You can change the threshold here, set in number of characters. (The default is 1224000.)
defaults write com.panic.Coda2 EditorLineHeight X
Adjust editor line height. Change X in the command above to any number above 0, including fractional numbers (like “2.5”). You’ll need to play with the value a bit to find a setting you’ll like. Start with something small, like 2 or 3, then increase as needed.

Override OS Defaults

defaults write com.panic.Coda2 UseGlobalFindPasteboard NO
Opt-out of the system-wide Find pasteboard sharing. Use this if you don’t want your Find operations in other apps from showing up in Coda’s Find/Replace banner.
defaults write com.panic.Coda2 AppleLanguages "('en-US')"
Set the language for use in Coda, while leaving your system language unchanged.

Extra Logging for Debugging

defaults write com.panic.Coda2 SiteIndexLoggingLevel -int 3
Write additional logging to the console for troubleshooting Coda’s Site indexing.
defaults write com.panic.Coda2 UseVerboseLogging 1
Write additional logging to the console for troubleshooting remote server connections.
defaults write com.panic.Coda2 DebugLogging -bool YES
Write additional logging to the console for troubleshooting Panic Sync issues