Sync is enabled, but nothing is syncing

Choosing the correct repository in Transmit 5, and how this relates to Nova

When you login to Panic Sync in Transmit, you’ll be presented with two different options as to what apps you want to sync with.

  1. Transmit, Coda, and Nova
  2. Just Transmit

If you don’t see your data in Coda 2 or Nova after logging in, you may have chosen the “Just Transmit” option in Transmit 5. When you choose this option, Transmit will not sync its server list to apps other than Transmit. If you previously chose the other option, log out of Sync in Transmit then login again, choosing the “Transmit and Nova” option.

Note: It’s not possible to change the repository in Coda 2, Nova, or Code Editor. Coda and Nova will sync with Transmit and other copies of Coda and Nova unless you choose the “Just Transmit” option in Transmit 5.

If no data appears after choosing the correct repository, you may need to perform a sync reset to force-push the data from one app to the other, which we cover in the next section here.

Note: in Transmit 5.6.7 and earlier, the first option will say Transmit and Coda. Transmit will sync with Nova as well when choosing this option.

Panic Sync keeps pulling down old data or some data appears to be missing

To start with, get all of your info exactly how you want it in one app on one Mac– make sure sites are up to date, groups are good, and everything has the correct credentials. Now we’ll tell the sync server that this data is “good” and current by performing a reset.

  1. In Nova or Transmit 5 (on the Mac with all of your “good” data), open Settings > Sync. Hold the Option key on your keyboard and click the Reset Sync button. Choose the option to replace all data on other devices. When you click OK, all of the saved data in this app will be pushed up to the server, overwriting anything there.

  2. In Nova or Transmit’s sync preferences on the other Mac (that isn’t syncing), hold the Option key on your keyboard and click the Reset Sync button. This time, choose the option to replace all data in Transmit/Nova on this Mac. Let this sync cycle complete.

To do this in Transmit iOS or Code Editor, tap the gear icon to open Settings > Panic Sync. Tap and hold on the Sync Now button until the Reset Sync Dialog appears.

The Register button is greyed out and won’t let me create a new account

For security reasons, your password needs to be at least eight characters long. Once you’ve fulfilled this requirement, the button will become active.

Prompt won’t sync with other apps

For now, Prompt will only sync with Prompt. More info over here.

Panic Sync won’t sync files.

Unlike Dropbox or iCloud Drive, Panic Sync does not sync your project or site files. It only syncs site information, credentials and keys. More info.