Pricing and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase Nova?

As of September 16th, 2020, Nova is available for $99 USD at

  • When you purchase Nova, you keep the app you bought forever.
  • You also receive one free year of app updates.
  • Your purchased copy of Nova will never expire or deactivate.

Learn how to install Nova, system requirements and more, below.

How much do additional updates cost after the first year?

After your first year of free updates, you can purchase additional years of updates for $49 USD per year.

  • You’ll get bug fixes and new features the moment they’re finished.
  • You can do this ahead of time when you buy Nova, or at any point in the future.
  • Your card won’t be charged until your next year of updates begins.

If you no longer want updates, you can cancel with one click on your account page.

  • Cancelling will not interrupt your active year of updates.
  • You will always get to keep your last update forever.
  • You can always sign back up for updates later.

Is there a discount for Coda 1 or Coda 2 users?

Absolutely. Thanks for supporting us along the way. You can use your Coda 1 or Coda 2 serial to purchase Nova for $79. This discount only applies to the initial purchase.

Note: This requires a Coda or Coda 2 serial number from If you’ve purchased Coda 2 on the Mac App Store instead of from, you’ll need to migrate your license to our website first in order to obtain a serial number. Once you’ve got your serial number, you are then welcome to purchase Nova at a discount.

Is there a student discount?

Yes! If you are a student and would like to take advantage of this, please email and we’ll get you set up.

Any volume or reseller discount available?

Not at this time.

Can I purchase a multi-user license?

Not at this time. Each license will need to be purchased individually for now.

While we aren’t selling multi-user licenses at this time, this is something we’re looking into for the future. If this is something you would be interested in, let us know.

Why is Nova sold this way?

Traditionally, our apps have had free minor updates, and paid major updates.

But we’ve always hated having to artificially “hold back” great new features for months — or even years — to roll them into paid major updates. With Nova, we want to release new features the moment they are done, and constantly iterate and and improve the app, and selling Nova this way makes this possible!

We think we’ve found a great balance: you get total ownership of your app for a one-time fee, and we get the opportunity to constantly improve the application for people who love getting the latest features.

Can I purchase additional updates later?

Absolutely. There is no penalty if you choose to purchase another year of updates later when it makes sense for you, no matter how much later that is. The price will remain the same. If you want to wait until there’s a feature you want, that’s fine by us.

I don’t want additional updates. Will I be nagged?

No. If you don’t want to pay for additional updates, you can hide new version notifications once your updates have expired. That setting is in the Nova preferences.

Where do I manage my renewals?

To cancel or manage your Nova license renewal, please login to and click “Show Details” next to your Nova license.

What if an OS update breaks my copy of Nova?

Of course, no app on the planet can be guaranteed to work forever. But Nova is 64-bit, M1 native, and ready for macOS Monterey. So, we think your copy of Nova, even if you decline to purchase additional updates, will continue to work for a very long time. If it does eventually break due to an unexpected change in the system many many years later, you can make a decision if you want to purchase the latest version, just like any of our apps.

Are refunds possible?

If you decide that Nova isn’t for you, we can refund most purchases or renewal charges provided you contact us within 60 days of purchasing the app or within 60 days of a renewal date. Be sure to include your order information when contacting us.

Please be aware that we reserve the right to decline a refund request at our discretion.

I don’t have a credit/debit card. Can I use PayPal?

We’re hoping to add full PayPal support at a later date.

What about the Mac App Store?

Because Nova supports extensions, and those extensions can execute any arbitrary code needed to build and run web environments, we cannot fully sandbox Nova. Therefore, it cannot exist in the Mac App Store.

Do you have a trial version available?

Yes! Nova includes a fully-featured 30-day trial.

Is there a version of Nova available for iOS?

There is not, but this is something we’re always evaluating. Should we bring Nova to iOS in the future, we’ll be sure to make an announcement.

Can I use my copy of Nova on multiple Macs?

Yes, you can use Nova on all of your Macs provided you’re the only one using Nova. If multiple people will be using Nova, they each need their own license. More info here.

Where can I find your License Agreement and Privacy Policy?

Our End User License Agreement can be found here, and our Privacy Policy here.

System Requirements and Installation

Nova requires macOS 11.6 or later. It is not possible to run Nova on earlier versions of macOS.


Your license permits you to use Nova on all of the Macs you use, provided you are the only user. Each person using Nova will need their own licensed copy.


  1. Download via the link above
  2. Double-click if your browser didn’t automatically unzip the file
  3. Move to your /Applications folder
  4. Double-click Nova in your Applications folder to start using it
  5. After you launch Nova, unlock the app with your Serial Number by selecting “Unlock Nova” from the Purchase Menu. Your serial number was emailed to you after purchasing the app. If you need help locating your Serial Number, please contact us.

Upgrading from Coda or Coda 2

Provided Nova was installed on the same Mac where Coda 2 was previously running, Nova will automatically import all of your sites and connection data at first launch.

More information about upgrading from Coda 2 can be found here.

This article was last updated on May 19, 2023