When you buy one of our apps, your license permits you to use the app on all of the Macs in use by you, as long as you are the only one using the app. If you have multiple people using Transmit, Coda, or Nova on one Mac, you’ll need to purchase one license per user.

Using your existing license on a different Mac

First, determine where you purchased the app. Our apps are available either for purchase from panic.com, or in the case of Transmit 4 and 5, from the Mac App Store.

If you purchased Transmit, Coda, or Nova from panic.com, download the app from our website and enter your serial number via the Purchase Menu after launching the app. Your serial number was emailed to you when you purchased the app. If you don’t have a copy, enter your email address at the bottom of panic.com and if you have a license matching the email address you entered, your license/serial will be emailed to you instantly.

If you purchased Transmit 4 or 5 from the Mac App Store, you won’t need a serial number– Just install the app from the Mac App Store’s “Purchases” section and you’re good to go.

Can I read your End User License Agreement?

Absolutely. You can find that here.

I’ve still got some questions about all this. Can I talk to someone?

Of course. Feel free to email us, our support team is happy to help.

Please note that we’re no longer able to offer support through Twitter at this time