Known Issues in Prompt 3

Prompt 3.0.2 update

Local folder presenting as not having Permission

In Prompt, if you see a folder with the error icon while working in a local terminal window, it does not indicate any permissions issues or errors with the folder.Β 

Sandbox icon showing as not having permission

The red error icon displayed simply indicates that Prompt is a Sanboxed app. This is a result of changes in a recent macOS update. We have submitted a bug report requesting Apple to revert this change.

Promot 3.0.1 is out and addresses the issue below and more Learn more about the 3.0.1 release

πŸ“± We are aware of a bug that can cause the terminal to disappear when switching from the custom keyboard on an iPhone.

🧰 We’re working on a patchΒ to address this and will update this space as soon as that’s out.