Using Prompt with

In Prompt 3 we’ve added support for Apple’s Shortcuts app to perform basic actions on iOS and iPadOS.

Prompt actions in

Download Shortcuts from the App Store

Adding an Action

  1. Opens Shortcuts
  2. On the top-right tap on the plus button
  3. Tap on the Add Action button
  4. Tap on Search for apps and actions and type in “Prompt”
  5. Tap the Prompt icon

You’ll now see the Connect to Server and Run Clip, choose one to configure your shortcut! Creating a shortcut using the Connect to Server action.

Connect to Server

Connects to a specific saved Server.

Run Clip

Connects to a specific saved server, and then runs a clip of your choice.

If you have suggestions for additional Shortcut actions you would like to see supported, please let us know!