New Features

💻 Native macOS support

Access your Servers, Keys, and Clips, from all your devices

Prompt for Mac also includes a powerful new interface called “Omniview”!
Learn more about Omniview.

🔌 New Server types

Mosh, Eternal Terminal, and Port Forwarding

🔐 More SSH key types

SSH Certificate support, and FIDO2 (ECDSA-SK & Ed25519-SK) keys

👥 iOS multitasking

Run multiple copies of Prompt simultaneously on iPadOS

🌈 New themes

Solarized, Neon, Fairyfloss, plus all of your old favorites

🖌 Custom themes/fonts

Import your own fonts and themes, or create a new theme from scratch

🔑 Yubikey support (iOS and Mac)

Prompt now supports Yubikey-based authentication on both macOS and iOS

😎 Dark app icon

New, alternate icon for those who wear their sunglasses at night

🖱 Xterm mouse support

Use buttons in tmux, elinks, and other curses programs (click-only on iOS)

⌨️ Full custom keyboard on iOS

Quickly switch between the system keyboard and one personalized to your specific needs

🔐 Ability to store keys in the secure enclave

Generate a key that never leaves your device

🪵 Connection logging

Troubleshoot connection and terminal issues using privacy first diagnostic tools

📥 Server export/import, including from SSH config and known_hosts files

Back up your existing servers, or effortlessly import new ones

🤖 Basic Shortcuts support on iOS

Connect and run commands from Shortcuts


🐇 Increased speed and performance

Up to 10x faster throughput than Prompt 2

🎨 24-bit color support

When you really need all the colors

👾 Better terminal emulation

Rewritten from the ground up, including support for tmux and neovim

🎛 Use option as meta

Modifier keys in easy to access places

🙈 Hide the tab bar on iOS

Because every extra row makes all the difference

⌨️ Better external keyboard support on iOS

For when the software keyboard doesn’t quite do the trick

👯 Server Duplication

Quickly duplicate existing servers for testing or iteration