Transmit Disk for Transmit 4 has been discontinued, and is no longer supported. To mount servers in the Finder in Transmit 5 please see this article instead.

This article contains details on validating the origin and integrity of the latest version of Transmit Disk

Transmit Disk 4.4.13 Checksum

The SHA256 checksum of the Transmit Disk archive, available at Disk is:


Validating the Checksum

  1. Download Transmit Disk
  2. Run the following command in Terminal to compute the checksum of your copy:
$ shasum -a 256 ~/Downloads/Transmit\ Disk\

If the hash portion of the command output matches the checksum above:

e1a8a1c7ca874b1126c023b22435ded74a4f8af168d487dd1cbac0c0a770a515  /Users/panic/Downloads/Transmit Disk

you can be sure that your copy of the download is identical to the version on our website.

Unfortunately, validating the checksum alone does not guarantee that the contents of Transmit Disk haven’t changed since we posted it*. However, with one extra step you can also determine with certainty that the checksum above, and therefore the contents of the ZIP, originated from Panic.

*Why not? In the very unlikely circumstance that a malicious actor replaced the ZIP archive on our website and modified the contents of this article using a new SHA256 hash, the checksum could still validate.

Transmit Disk 4.4.13 Checksum Signature

Using our public profile on Keybase, we have PGP-signed the SHA256 checksum from above:

Version: Keybase Go 1.0.28 (darwin)


Validating the Signature

  1. Copy the entire PGP message above, including -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- and -----END PGP MESSAGE-----
  2. Paste the contents into the Message to verify box on Keybase
  3. Click Verify

Most importantly, Keybase should indicate that the message was signed by Panic:

Additionally, the resulting Signed Text should match our original checksum:


If both items match, you can be sure that the checksum in this article originated from Panic.

Putting it all together

By using two factors of validation:

  • A checksum which ensures that your copy of Transmit Disk is identical to the copy on our website
  • A PGP signature which ensures that the checksum originated from Panic

you can be sure that you are installing the release that we originally posted.


We are more than happy to answer questions or help provide any guidance you might need to validate the checksum and signature for this release. Please email us,