Please note that Transmit Disk is on longer supported as of Transmit 5.6.0. Details

Is Transmit Disk supported on macOS 10.13 High Sierra?

Yes Transmit 5 includes support for mounting servers in the Finder on High Sierra. For more information please see this article.

Externally modified files on mounted Transmit Disks don’t update when I close and re-open them.

This is true: if a file you’ve opened on a Transmit Disk is modified by some other process (another user, a script on the server, etc), you will need to eject and remount the Transmit Disk in order to see those changes. File contents are cached each session.

All of a sudden my Transmit Disks aren’t mounting. How can I fix them?

Transmit 5 Instructions

Open System (in your /Applications folder) then click to view the FUSE preference pane.

FUSE System Preferences

If FUSE shows an update is available, click Update, then follow the prompts to install the latest version.

In the case that FUSE is already up to date, try restarting your Mac, then download a new copy of Transmit 5 before attempting to mount the server in the Finder again.

Transmit 4 Instructions

First, quit Transmit if it’s open.

Click Go in the Finder’s menu bar, choose Go to Folder, and enter this path:

~/Library/Application Support/Transmit

Delete Transmit Disk (or Transmit from that folder and then restart your Mac.

Afterwards, try to mount a site/favorite like you have been doing and Transmit Disk should re-install itself. (If you bought Transmit from the mac app store, it may prompt you to download the Transmit Disk Installer. Do so and follow the instructions.)

I’m using a beta version of macOS and Transmit Disk isn’t working.

Beta operating systems can introduce issues that require a major update to Transmit Disk. More information about using Panic software on pre-release versions of macOS can be found here.

This article was last updated on May 16, 2022