Where can I purchase Coda?

Coda 2 was discontinued as of September 16th, 2020 after the release of our follow-up, Nova, and is no longer for sale.

I’m using an old Mac and want to use an older version of Coda. Where can I do that?

Older versions of the app are no longer for sale, but we would be happy to generate a license for any of the older versions provided that you purchased a copy of a latest version of Nova. If you already own a copy of Coda, you can find downloads and a compatibility chart here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team and we will help.

Is Code Editor included with my purchase of Coda 2 or Nova?

It is not. The apps were designed to be fully stand-alone, one not requiring any of the others.

Where can I find your license agreement and privacy policy?

You can find our plain-english EULA here, and our Privacy Policy here.