Reseller FAQ

Do you have a VAT ID?

We do not have a VAT ID as Panic is domiciled and operates in the U.S.

Please email if you require specific forms or information for purchasing our products—such as a W-8 or U.S. taxpayer ID.

Do you have a Manufacturer Part Number for reference on our PO’s?

We do not have a Manufacturer Part Number for our products.

Is there a reseller discount available?

At the moment we do not have a reseller discount.

There is, however, a large quantity discount available for Nova and Transmit 5.

What operating system will my end-user need?

All our software works only on macOS and iOS/iPadOS.

How are your products delivered?

Our software is sent via email with a serial number and a download link for the app.

For assistance retrieving your serial number

If you no longer have access to the email address you used to purchase, email us and we’ll look it up for you.

When is the total outstanding amount on the invoice expected to be paid in full?

We require all invoices paid Net 40.

Is the serial number a perpetual license or will my end-user need to purchase a new license each year?

Our licensing is perpetual; there is no need to renew each year.

Will our end-user need to purchase technical support?

Technical assistance via our website, and email, is free to all users.

Please note that we’re no longer able to offer support through Twitter at this time