Transmit 5 is available for purchase from as well as via subscription from the Mac App Store. How do you know which one is best for you? Let’s take a look at the differences—

Mac App Store

Subscription pricing, $24.99 USD/year.

You can use the app on all of your Macs, provided you are the only user.

View and mange your subscriptions:


  • You get all of the benefits of the Mac App Store: Security, one-click install, easy updates, etc.
  • If we ever release a new major update (like a “6.0”), active subscribers would get that version at no additional cost.


The Mac App Store version of Transmit:

Direct from

One-time purchase, $45 USD

You can use Transmit 5.X on all of your Macs, provided you are the only user.


  • Buy the app once and you can use Transmit 5.X indefinitely (provided your Mac can run the app, of course!)
  • No sandboxing limitations
  • Supports the Open In Terminal feature
  • Supports macOS versions 10.13+


  • The app must be downloaded and updated from We have a built-in updater so once you’ve installed Transmit for the first time, you should never have to worry about it. It’s almost as easy as getting it from the App Store.
  • If we ever release an all-new major update (like a “6.0”) there would likely be an upgrade price involved.


Wait, so I have to subscribe to Transmit now?

No, my post-skimming friend, you don’t. While Transmit in the App Store is a subscription, you can still buy Transmit 5 directly from us at full price and own it forever for just $45.

I already bought Transmit 5. Can I switch to the App Store version?

Apple doesn’t give us a way to do this. If you bought Transmit 5 in the last 60 days, we can refund your purchase if you’d like to subscribe on the App Store instead. Simply e-mail our support team with your purchase details and we can take a look. Beyond refunding your purchase, it’s not possible to transfer your license to the App Store.

Why am I being asked to subscribe to Transmit when I’ve already bought a copy of Transmit 5 in the past?

This means you’ve downloaded Transmit 5 from the App Store rather than from Unfortunately, the App Store version and the version from are not 100% the same and are not interchangeable.

The Mac App Store version of Transmit is only available via subscription, so if you have already purchased a non-subscription copy of Transmit 5 from in the past, you’ll need to download the version from instead of using the App Store version.

If you have found yourself in this situation, delete the copy of Transmit 5 you’ve got in your Applications folder, then download a copy from our website instead. Once you’ve got the correct version, you will be able to enter your serial number to unlock the app when prompted.

I’m subscribed to Transmit on the App Store but want to purchase the app from instead. Can I transfer my license?

It is not possible to transfer your license from the App Store directly. As the App Store uses a subscription model and the version from does not, you would need to first cancel your subscription from the App Store, the purchase a copy from Users can manage App Store subscriptions via the following link:

Unfortunately, Apple provides us no way to refund subscriptions in any way. If you’re looking for a subscription refund, we recommend reaching out to Apple support.

Is there a free trial?

Absolutely. When you install Transmit from the App Store, on first launch you’re given 7 days to use it as much as you want, without restriction, until the subscription kicks in, and you can cancel during the trial (here) if it doesn’t work for you. It’s really simple and should give you more than enough time to demo the app and make sure you love it.

What’s included with the subscription?

Transmit and Panic Sync, of course. But you also automatically get any major updates we release in the future if you remain subscribed.

Hey, what if I love the App Store but strongly dislike subscriptions?

Yeah, that’s the one bummer zone in our plan — we’re sorry. But we believe the App Store is suited particularly well for subscriptions, and we’re always looking for a sustainable future building our complex applications.

If my subscription lapses, do I lose my sites/favorites?

Absolutely not. While Transmit won’t function without a subscription, if you use Panic Sync, your sites are safely stored in our spacious, welcoming cloud. You can sync them down in the future, even to a non-subscription copy of Transmit. And if you don’t use Panic Sync, as long as you don’t delete Transmit’s application support files, they’ll be there waiting for when you re-subscribe.

Now that Transmit 5 is in the App Store, will Transmit support iCloud for sync?

We’re not planning to. We know it’s a bit of a bother to manage another account, but we really value the ability to debug syncing problems directly.

I was charged for a subscription, but I’d like a refund

Apple gives us no control over refunds in any way whatsoever. You will need to submit a request to Apple for a refund for any App Store app, including Transmit. This can be done by signing into with your Apple ID.