Where can I purchase Transmit?

From panic.com

Transmit 5 is currently available via panic.com for $45 USD. You will receive a download link and your serial number via email when your purchase is complete. Purchasing Transmit 5 from panic.com is a one-time purchase with no recurring fees.

From the Mac App Store

As of November 14th, 2018, Transmit 5 is also available in the Mac App Store via subscription pricing for $24.99 USD per year.

Important! There are a few minor differences to note when purchasing Transmit on the App Store. See our FAQ page details).


Is there a discounted upgrade price available for people who own an earlier version?

There is not. Transmit 5 is currently one price for all users. Fun fact: The last time we charged for an update was over seven years ago in 2011.

What about a student discount?

If you’re a student or an educator, we do have a 25% discount available. Should this apply to you, send your details to info@panic.com and we’ll get you set up.

Why am I being asked to subscribe to Transmit when I’ve already bought a copy of Transmit 5 in the past?

This means you’ve downloaded Transmit 5 from the App Store rather than from panic.com. Unfortunately, the App Store version and the version from panic.com are not 100% the same and are not interchangeable.

The Mac App Store version of Transmit is only available via subscription, so if you have already purchased a non-subscription copy of Transmit 5 from panic.com in the past, you’ll need to download the version from panic.com instead of using the App Store version.

If you have found yourself in this situation, delete the copy of Transmit 5 you’ve got in your Applications folder, then download a copy from our website instead. Once you’ve got the correct version, you will be able to enter your serial number to unlock the app when prompted.

The reverse is true, too– if you’ve subscribed to Transmit 5 on the App Store and didn’t purchase a copy from panic.com, you’ll need to use the App Store copy, not the version from our website.

I own Transmit 4. What do I need to do to upgrade?

There’s nothing more you need to do other than to simply purchase a new copy of Transmit 5 from our website or from the app store. Once you download Transmit 5, drag it to your Applications folder, overwriting the previous version. Once Transmit 5 has been installed, your Favorites from Transmit 4 will be automatically imported at first launch.

Note: your Transmit 3 or Transmit 4 serial number will NOT work with Transmit 5. You will receive a new serial number via email after purchasing a copy of Transmit 5.

I already own a copy of Transmit 4 and don’t want to upgrade. How do I re-install the copy I already own?

Transmit 4 was a one-time purchase from either the App Store or from panic.com.

To restore Transmit 4, download a copy from our website, then enter your Transmit 4 serial number after launching it. Your serial number would have been emailed to you after completing the purchase.

To re-download Transmit 4 from the App Store, you will need to pull up your past purchases list and download Transmit 4 from there. Do NOT use the app store search bar– you won’t find it. Pull up your account page, click “Purchases” the look through this list. This is the ONLY way to re-download Transmit 4 from the App Store.

I’m using an old Mac and want to purchase an older version of Transmit. Where can I do that?

Older versions of the app are no longer for sale, but we would be happy to generate a license for any of the older versions provided that you purchase a copy of the latest version. That way, you’ll have the latest version should you ever upgrade to a newer Mac. If this is something you’d like to do, purchase a copy of Transmit from panic.com, then email transmit@panic.com with your order details.

Can I use Transmit on more than one Mac?

Our licenses are per-user, not per-Mac, so Yes! You can use Transmit on all of your Macs provided you’re the only user. If multiple people will be using Transmit, each person needs their own copy.

Where can I find your license agreement and privacy policy?

You can find our plain-english EULA here, and our Privacy Policy here.


We can refund most purchases provided you contact us within 60 days of purchasing the app. Be sure to include your order information when reaching out.


Looking for Reseller info? We’ve got you covered. See our Reseller FAQ for more information.