iOS/IPadOS Settings

Tap on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Servers list to open Settings.

The Servers view and Settings menu icon.


Themes settings icon. Choose a terminal theme of your liking, or create a new one from scratch.
You can also adjust the terminal font family, default font size, and more.

Learn more about themes


Choose which Prompt icon will be displayed on the homescreen:

Prompt icon: Light Light

Prompt icon: Dark Dark

Prompt icon: Classic Classic


Beep settings icon. Customize how error alerts are displayed in the Terminal:


Keep Display On

Enable this setting to prevent your device from sleeping when Prompt is open and running in the foreground.

Panic Sync

Panic Sync icon. Panic Sync keeps your Prompt servers, clips, passwords, and keys updated across devices automatically.

Learn more about Panic Sync


Clips settings icon. Manage and sync a collection of text snippets that can be quickly inserted into the terminal.

Learn more about clips


Keys settings icon. Manage, import, and create keys that can be used for your SSH connections.

Learn more about keys

Face ID / Touch ID & Passcode

Passcode settings icon. When enabled, passcode or Face/Touch ID authentication is requred when opening Prompt.


Customize Keyboard

Switch between the system keyboard and one personalized to your specific needs.

Learn more about the custom keyboard

Third Party Keyboards

Toggle on to enable third-party keyboards in the terminal.

A relaunch of Prompt is required for changes to take effect.

Extra Keyboard Row

Hides the additional keys at the bottom of the screen when an external keyboard is connected.

Connection Keeper

Connection Keeper icon. Keeps connections alive while Prompt is running in the background.

Learn more about Connection Keeper

Additional Settings

Use GPU acceleration

Enables GPU acceleration in the terminal.

Detect URLs

Enables URL detection in the terminal.

Prompt before closing terminals

Determines if Prompt will display a confirmation alert when closing a terminal.

Badge Updated Tabs

Enables visual indicators for tabs that have been updated in the background.

Support and Privacy

About Prompt

Displays the version of Prompt you are currently running on your iOS device.


Get help from our support library, or send us an email with your questions.


Customize which anonymous data is sent to Panic for the purposes of improving Prompt.

Import and Export Servers

Learn more about Server Import/Export


SSH Debug Logs

Toggle to enable SSH debug logging for terminal connections.

Terminal Logs

Toggle to enable terminal logging for troubleshooting purposes.

Share Logs

Access logs here after enabling debug logging.

SSH debug and terminal logs are unable to leave your device without your permission.