Prompts main window and sidebar Sidebar Quick Guide

Hiding and Showing the Sidebar

From the Menu Bar, choose View > Hide Sidebar to close the sidebar. View > Show Sidebar will show it again.

Click the sidebar icon (shown below) to hide or show the sidebar!

Sidebar Icon

Keyboard Shortcut

Command + Control + S toggles the sidebar

Prompts main window and sidebar

Adding a new server

To add a new server:

  1. Click the plus icon in the lower-left corner of the sidebar
  2. Choose Add New Server from the displayed menu

Keyboard Shortcut

Command + Shift + A to add a new Server

Take a deeper dive into creating servers

Prompts main window and sidebar

Clips View

View your Clips by clicking the asterisk icon in the sidebar dock.

Learn all about Clips

Prompts main window and sidebar

Additional Server Actions

Click the gear icon to show a menu with the following actions:

  • Connect
  • Edit
  • Duplicate
  • Delete
  • Import Servers…
  • Export Servers…
  • Arrange By (Name, Address)

Prompts main window and sidebar

Right-clicking a Server in the sidebar will also display the action menu.

Import/Export Servers

Learn more about Importing and Exporting Servers

Arrange By

There are two option to arrange your servers:

  • Name
  • Address


The Server List window.

We understand that sidebars might not be for everyone. That’s why we added the Servers List and Clips Editor.
To open the Servers List, choose Servers > Show Servers List from the menu bar.